U.S.S. Zephyr NCC-1278
Cirrus-class Scout

Picture of the Zephyr

Introduced in 2208, the Cirrus-class scouts were designed to be self-sufficient for periods of eighteen to twenty-six months. The mission objectives of this class were simple: create a vessel capable of operating without support for extended periods, while being able to perform preliminary studies of planetary systems and report its findings back to Fleet Command. Biraktes' response was the Cirrus-class: small and durable, with a minimal crew and excellent sensor and living facilities. Capable of a sustained speed of Warp 4.1, the Cirrus-class scouts paved the way for Federation exploration for fifteen years, providing advance knowledge of the borders of the Klingon Empire as well.

The U.S.S. Zephyr (NCC-1278) surveyed the Rigel system in 2221, providing the Federation with six planets capable of sustaining life in a single star system, two of which possessed intelligent life. This discovery gave the Federation one of its most important members, and made the Zephyr and her crew a household name.

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