U.S.S. Wyndham
Picture of the Wyndham

Introduced in 2289 as a supplement to the Miranda-class, the Saginaw-class cruisers suffered from a poor reputation from their inception. With cramped living quarters and hardware incompatibilities in the food processing units, crews quickly grew dissatisfied with the quality of life aboard the twenty-nine ships of this class. Even following extensive refits to correct these deficiencies the poor reputation remained. Currently there are no ships of the Saginaw-class in active Starfleet service.

The U.S.S. Wyndham (NCC-4676) was the second ship built in this class and the last to be decommissioned. Over her sixty-two year existance, the Wyndham served extended missions as explorer, patrol vessel, escort, VIP courier, and finally as a Starfleet Academy training vessel. Currently the Wyndham is operating as a cargo transport in the Palogen Sector.

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