U.S.S.  Vince and U.S.S. Larry
Picture of the Vince and Larry


One of the reasons Biraktes is successful with many of their Starship designs is their drive to test different key Starship hardware before it is installed in the finished model.

The Warp Test Ships now residing at said facilities are constantly in use, they can be easily refitted with an entirely new Warp system; from the core out to the nacelles.

The first Warp Test Ship is the U.S.S. Vince (NX-3231-61), while the second is the U.S.S. Larry (NX-3468-35).

The Vince is the bigger of the two and usually is modified to test Warp systems going on to bigger ships. It usually holds a maximum crew of sixteen people, but can be run by a minimum of three. Normally the crew would stay in the bridge section for safety reasons, but there is an engineering section next to the warp core when direct access is needed.

The engineering hull is constructed of extra durable materials and shields to contain a possible Warp Core Breach. The bridge section can become independent of the engineering section and fly of its own power if the Warp systems prove to be too dangerous.

The Larry is the smaller of the two Warp Test Ships. The ship itself although apparently solid is actually comprised of two sections, the aft engineering section contains the warp systems and the forward bridge section contains the bridge, and main engineering. If the currant engine being tested proves too dangerous, the bridge section can separate closing off main engineering to save any sentients within.

Neither ship has weapons so if trouble is expected from outside influence escorts would have to be provided.

The Vince and the Larry are only the two latest versions of Warp Test Ships, Biraktes has had many since the installation was founded. So far in the history of Biraktes, only one of the Warp Test Ships had been lost, and that was due to a Ferengi trader ship that had lost its way, and ran into the docked vessel. Believe it or not the Pilot of the Ferengi ship was found to be intoxicated.

This ship was designed by Jeremy Smith (scanner79@hotmail.com).

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