U.S.S. Ventura
Picture of the Ventura

The Brasilia-class Cruisers were designed as sister ships to the Ambassador-class Heavy Cruisers. Over ninety percent of the components used in the Brasilia-class are identical to those used in the Ambassador-class ships, so both dry-dock and field repair are much easier to perform than for most ship classes. While these ships adequately performed the tasks assigned to them, they have never been considered especially fondly by their crews. Somewhat cramped crew quarters, average warp capability, and a lower than average photon torpedo capacity brought a poor reputation to these ships, and most of the forty-seven vessels constructed have been mothballed. Currently there are no plans to reactivate any ships of this class for use in the war against the Dominion.

One bright spot in the otherwise average Brasilia-class of ships is the performance of the U.S.S. Ventura during the Cardassian War. During an assault on the Federation colony on New Lothian a Cardassian assault ship penetrated the outer defense network and reached orbit. The ship could have utterly destroyed the settlement had the Ventura not been in orbit; the Ventura, delivering supplies to the colony, led the assault ship on a chase through the system's asteroid belt, eventually managing to circle around behind the enemy vessel and destroy it.

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