U.S.S. Uparjan
Picture of the Uparjan

While the Apandav-class prototypes were not adequate for service, they were successful enough to warrant further designing. The result was the standard Apandav-class modular cruiser, similar to the prototypes but having a greatly expanded engineering section and large shuttlebay. This left far more space in the modular sections for diverse equipment, as the majority of suppoer tystems could now be fully containes in the engineering area. The result was a well-received ship that could fulfill many roles when given the proper modules, which usually meant that the ships operated out of and near a certain facility where other modules could be stored.

The U.S.S. Uparjan (NCC-6076) operated out of Starbase 137 for many years along the colonial frontier. Over the course of her existance, the Uparjan performed every task imaginable. Colony escort, shuttlecarrier, attack ship, repair tender, and anything in between, the Uparjan handled it all during the forty-three years she was in Starfleet. Unfortunately, the ship was unable to handle an incident in which she engaged three pirate vessels and was destroyed with all hands when her warp core breached.

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