Tsunami Arms - New Weapons, 107 P.A.

The demand for new weapons has kept Tsunami Arms' designers busy for the past year, but their efforts have finally paid off in a new group of firearms capable of solving any problem. From pistols to grenade launchers, TSA has a weapon for any occasion... and a few more than that, too.

Section 1 - Handguns

TSA-58 Viper 10mm Machine Pistol / Laser: Taking the basic action of the Snake and adapting it for fully automatic fire, the designers at TSA have come up with yet another winner - the Viper. Small, reliable and powerful, the Viper is quickly becoming a weapon of choice for urban bodyguards and special forces operatrives. Comes with an underbarrel laser.


TSA-59 Basilisk 12.5mm Machine Pistol / Laser: Similar in design to the Viper but chambered for the 12.5mm caseless round, the Basilisk has already proven itself to be one of the most desired weapons in TSA history. With its compact size and powerful round, the Basilisk packs a tremendous punch.


Section 2 - Rifles

TSA-400 Armanoc 0.8mm Wire Rifle: A unique development in firearms history, the Armanoc rifle is named for its inventor, a former CS captain named Joseph Armanoc. He conceived the idea of taking a spool of prestressed wire and magnetically accelerating it to hypersonic velocities, much like a railgun. The wire is made of depleted uranium, resulting in extremely dense projectiles for their size. The acceleration would fracture the wire into snippets 4 centimeters long; when fired in 10-meter lengths, this would create a line of lethal flechettes capable of penetrating almost any body armor and even some power armor. Wound in a 500-meter spool with its own power source, the ammunition is extremely effective... and expensive. The Armanoc comes equipped with a telescopic sight (+2 to strike). Note - This weapon has been placed on the CS "banned" list.


TSA-402 Zipper 0.8mm Wire Carbine: A shortened version of the Armanoc, the Zipper was designed for easier handling and better balance for quick deployment. The Zipper can be easily concealed under a trenchcoat or similar garment.


TSA-405 Sidewinder 0.8mm Wire Rifle / Laser: An improvement on the original Armanoc, the Sidewinder adds a laser weapon to the original package, resulting in a more versatile weapon that is finding extensive use against the CS on the battlefields of Tolkeen.


Section 3 - Heavy Weapons

TSA-260 Terminator Lever-Action Grenade Launcher: Based on an ancient pre-Rift weapon featured in a film of the same name, the Terminator is a simple, rugged weapon capable of delivering multiple grenades in a matter of seconds. With its lever-action design and durable construction, the Terminator has rapidly become popular among travellers in the New West.

TSA-260 with synthetic stock.

TSA-260 without stock.

TSA-262 Grenade Launcher: Essentially the same as the Terminator, this weapon has a magazine capacity of seven grenades instead of five. Market Cost: 27,000 credits.


TSA-270 Boomstick Double-Barrel Grenade Launcher: Another weapon whose history lies in an ancient pre-Rift motion picture, this one entitled Army of Darkness, in which the main character used a double-barrel shotgun as his main weapon. Taking that concept and adapting it to fire TSA 25mm grenades has proven to be a big hit with adventurers throughout North America. The simple design and compact size make the Boomstick highly prized, especially among the stagecoach drivers of the New West. Available in standard and compact versions.

Standard TSA-270.

Compact TSA-270.

TSA-280 Grizzly Dual-Action Heavy Machine Gun: By taking the basic action of the TSA-300 modular weapon system and combining two of these on a heavy frame, Tsunami Arms has created a weapon capable of inflicting massive damage for sustained periods. This weapon has already proven popular among borgs and power armor troops throughout eastern North America. Note - this weapon can only use TM-500 magazines, loaded with T101 ammunition only. The barrels always fire together.


Section 4 - Modular Weapons

TSA-350 Bearcat Modular Weapons System: With the success of the TSA-300 series of modular weapons, Tsunami Arms designers set about designing an improved modular system. Their goal was to make a more versatile, more compact weapon that would be even more capable of fulfilling any need.

Currently there are five components available:

TSA-351 Wildcat Assault Rifle Base Module: A compact, fully-automatic weapon, the Wildcat is the most common base module in the Bearcat series. It can also be used individually, without being attached to an assault module.

TSA-351 / 363
TSA-351 attached to TSA-363 Grenade Launcher Module

TSA-352 Bobcat Assault Laser Base Module: A heavy laser weapon, the Bobcat is fed from both a grip-mounted E-clip and an internal battery similar to those found in TSA pistols, only with a much greater capacity.

TSA-352 attached to TSA-361 Assault Cannon Module

TSA-361 Tiger Assault Cannon Module: Using the Kali Assault Cannon action, the Tiger is the most common heavy module in the Bearcat series and is capable of delivering a major beating to anyone unfortunate enough to cross its path.

TSA-351 attached to TSA-361 Assault Cannon Module

TSA-363 Panzer Grenade Launcher Module: A more obscure module, the Panzer has been placed on the CS 'banned' list.

TSA-352 attached to TSA-363 Grenade Launcher Module

TSA-364 Jaguar Plasma Cannon Module: Another module that is fairly rare, the Jaguar is essentially a copy of the C-27 plasma cannon that has been streamilned and made more efficient.

TSA-351 attached to TSA-364 Plasma Cannon Module

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