Section 4 - Modular Weapons

TSA-300 Modular Weapon System: In late 103 P.A. a wilderness adventurer brought an ancient metal case to the TSA Custom Shop in Ishpeming, looking to have it modified to fire Mega-Damage ammunition. The conversion proved impossible, but TSA weaponsmiths took a special interest in the weapon itself; it was a Stoner 63A, a twentieth-century small arms package that could be adapted to serve many roles just by swapping out parts. The same basic weapon could serve as an assault rifle, light machine gun, heavy machine gun and more, just by replacing the barrel, stock and receiver assembly. In pre-Rifts times this concept never really caught on - but TSA designers recognized an idea whose time had come.

TSA's newest offering is the TSA-300 Modular Weapon System. Working off of a central grip and magazine assembly, the TSA-300 can serve as a submachine gun, assault rifle, support weapon or even as a heavy assault weapon, depending on the barrel assembly, receiver and buttstock chosen. The unit has sold extremely well so far; TSA dealers can barely keep the weapon or its modules on the shelves.

For 107 P.A., this series has been extensively redesigned, resulting in greater accuracy and much better handling than the previous models.

Note: All TSA-300 series weapons can only use T101 High Explosive ammunition; all other rounds are not compatible and will not fire. All models are shown with the TS-21 Heavy Removable Stock

Basic TSA-300 Components:

TSA-302 Tommy Gun Submachine Gun / Laser: The most common version is the Tommy Gun, which was named because of its likeness to the pre-Rift weapon. With the huge drum magazine and pistol foregrip the weapons do look similar, and are often used for similar purposes; the amount of firepower this weapon can lay down in a very short time is astounding, and is definitely contributing to the weapon's immense popularity. A light laser is also included in this package.


TSA-308 Double Deuce Dual-Barrel Submachine Gun: Very similar to the Tommy Gun but this module has two barrels firing simultaneously side-by-side. This doubles the amount of damage the weapon is capable of, but also heats it up faster and empties the magazine much faster. The Double Deuce, while not the most common module, is proving to be the most popular with underworld types because of its ability to bring down almost any living thing and fast. The Double Deuce is not combined with any other weapon type. Note - the barrels always fire together.


TSA-320 Snubby Gatling Assault Weapon: A short Gatling cannon, this weapon is capable of emptying an entire magazine in under eight seconds. An E-clip is required to power the barrel motor and is good for 10 drum clips.


TSA-330 Long Tom Support Machine Gun: A long, heavy-barreled module allows the weapon to hit targets at long ranges and still deliver a sizable punch. A long-range laser is standard, as is a folding bipod to keep the unit stable. The TS-10 Light Stock is not recommended for use with this unit.


TSA-340 Metalstorm Heavy Gatling Assault Weapon: This massive piece of equipment is beginning to replace the C-40R as a power armor pilot's weapon of choice. Capable of incredible damage for low cost, enterprising pilots have rigged belt-feed systems on their weapons, giving them a sizable edge in damage and firepower over their adversaries. The basic setup is similar to the TSA-320 Snubby but the range is five times greater. An E-clip is able to power the barrel motor for 10 clips or 5000 rounds.


TSA-350 Bearcat Modular Weapons System: With the success of the TSA-300 series of modular weapons, Tsunami Arms designers set about designing an improved modular system. Their goal was to make a more versatile, more compact weapon that would be even more capable of fulfilling any need.

Currently there are five components available:

TSA-351 Wildcat Assault Rifle Base Module: A compact, fully-automatic weapon, the Wildcat is the most common base module in the Bearcat series. It can also be used individually, without being attached to an assault module.

TSA-351 / 363
TSA-351 attached to TSA-363 Grenade Launcher Module

TSA-352 Bobcat Assault Laser Base Module: A heavy laser weapon, the Bobcat is fed from both a grip-mounted E-clip and an internal battery similar to those found in TSA pistols, only with a much greater capacity.

TSA-352 attached to TSA-361 Assault Cannon Module

TSA-361 Tiger Assault Cannon Module: Using the Kali Assault Cannon action, the Tiger is the most common heavy module in the Bearcat series and is capable of delivering a major beating to anyone unfortunate enough to cross its path.

TSA-351 attached to TSA-361 Assault Cannon Module

TSA-363 Panzer Grenade Launcher Module: A more obscure module, the Panzer has been placed on the CS 'banned' list.

TSA-352 attached to TSA-363 Grenade Launcher Module

TSA-364 Jaguar Plasma Cannon Module: Another module that is fairly rare, the Jaguar is essentially a copy of the C-27 plasma cannon that has been streamilned and made more efficient.

TSA-351 attached to TSA-364 Plasma Cannon Module

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