Tsunami Arms - TSA Mercenary Services

A. Sponsorship: Corporate (equivalent to 5 - Government).
B. Outfits: Gimmick Clothing. 30 Points.
C. Equipment: Electronic Supplies and Good Gear. 5 Points, Medical Clinic. 20 Points.
D. Vehicles: Specialty Vehicles. 30 Points.
E. Weapons: Advanced Weapons. 20 Points.
F. Communications: Superior. 40 Points.
G. Internal Security: Iron-Clad. 20 Points.
H. Permanent Bases: Fortified Headquarters. 20 Points.
I. Intelligence Resources: Scout Detachment. 5 Points, Special Operations. 10 Points.
J. Special Budget: Large Loans. 25 Points.
K. General alignment of personnel: Anarchist/Unprincipled. 4 Points.
L. Criminal Activity: Expert Assassin. 15 Points, Cyber-Doc. 10 Points.
M. Reputation/Credentials: Excellent. 25 Points.
N. Salary: Excellent Salary. 10 Points.

Total Points Spent: 289 Points

Size & Orientation: Free Company

In the field of mercenaries overlap is inevitable; many merc groups inevitably end up specializing in fields that other groups are already experts at simply because of the high demand for these specific services. In the case of TSA Mercenary Services, the merc company being overlapped with is Crow's Commandoes, a free company that specializes in small-unit combat and covert operations. TSAMS operatives are also experts in both of these fields, as well as urban combat and close-quarters battle situations, which make them deadly in almost any environment. That, combined with excellent TSA weaponry and equipment, has made TSAMS one of the most successful and requested mercenary outfits in recent memory.

Many other mercenary companies tend to dislike TSAMS because of its hiring practices. Because of corporate sponsorship the pay rate with TSAMS is significantly higher than with most other merc groups, and TSAMS tends to recruit aggressively from Coalition and Northern Gun forces, as well as the ranks of competitors. This practice has netted TSAMS some of the best, most experienced soldiers and mercenaries in North America. TSAMS also contracts squads and even platoons out to other merc companies on a limited basis, depending on the needs of the client and the current relations with the mercenaries in question.


TSAMS usually operates at the squad level (about 10 troops) to accomplish specific objectives, such as the removal of a small Xiticix infestation or smuggling a spy out of a major installation. Each squad is trained to operate alone for extended periods if necessary, but can also work well with larger units if the mission calls for it. Every squad leader has had at least two years of command experience in either the Coalition or Northern Gun armed forces, and each squad trains together for several months before going out on assignment. During this period each member of the unit must bond with the rest, creating a tightly-knit fighting team that can see its way through anything. Those members who fail to bond are initially assigned to other units; if this fails, then these soldiers are usually turned loose from TSAMS, although they are encouraged to return at a future date once they hone their teamworking skills. The ultimate result is a unit capable of handling anything that can conceivably be thrown at a squad.

Company Colors and Banners

The TSAMS logo is a crimson crosshair sight centered over a target (individual unit leaders can choose whatever the target may be at their discretion); the phrase 'Always on Target' is written above this, and 'TSA Mercenary Services' is written below. Uniforms and armor are slate gray with black accents, with the TSAMS logo on a removable Velcro patch over the left breast. All other insignia, rank, awards, etc., are also removable to prevent the enemy from learning the soldier's origins in event of capture. Armor can be from any source, but is usually Coalition or Triax in origin.

Major Andrew Jolley

If Hiro Tamura is the father of the modern projectile weapon, Andrew Jolley is the uncle who whipped the weapon into fighting trim. Growing up near the city of Ishpeming, Jolley became fascinated by the military at an early age and vowed to join as soon as he was able. When he reached seventeen he volunteered for the Northern Gun Special Forces and did not look back; by the age of twenty-one he was in command of his own squad, and by twenty-seven he had been given an entire Special Forces company. Although he excelled in the military, Jolley always found the rigorous discipline to inhibit his natural abilities, and he left at age thirty to join up with Crow's Commandos. His time there was spent learning how to organize and run a fighting force for profit rather than war itself, and he learned quickly and well.

When he left four years later in 105 P.A., he immediately began searching for funding to create his own mercenary army. In a fortuitous turn, it was about this time that Hiro Tamura was looking for the man to head Tsunami Arms Mercenary Services, and this common interest brought both men together. Tamura was impressed by Jolley's natural, confident manner, and Jolley was equally impressed by Tamura's generous offer: he could run TSAMS as he saw fit with just one exception, and that was that all soldiers would rely primarily on TSA weapons except when other choices would clearly be more effective. Jolley accepted the offer, and the arrangement has so far worked out better than either man could have dreamed.

Edward Burdeaux

If there is a party animal in TSAMS, it would be Edward Burdeaux. The man loves to party, especially if there is an element of risk involved (extremely stout liquor, or discovery by a superior officer), and is often out until all hours of the night. Burdeaux had held many positions in merc companies before joining TSAMS, as well as enlisting with the Northern Gun military at the age of nineteen. Burdeaux is in charge of First Squad, the most elite of TSAMS troops, and takes his responsibilities for his men very seriously; he would never allow his lifestyle to put his men in jeopardy, and has stayed behind on several missions because he was in no condition to lead.

Nicole 'Nic' Crichton

Nicole Crichton grew up in a small wilderness town near Tolkeen, where she was raised by her parents (and most of the town as well) until the age of eight, when almost everyone in the town was slaughtered by a Xiticix horde. Nicole survived by hiding in a cupboard until they had passed; when she emerged, everything she knew had been destroyed. She was taken in by a family in Tolkeen who fed and raised her as best they could... but there was a part of her that was no longer there. At the age of nineteen she witnessed a Juicer take down three Xiticix with only a vibrosword, an act that awakened something within her, and she set off to obtain a juicer conversion the next day.

Unfortunately, the Juicer conversion did not make her a fighter right away. In her first fight - against a Fury Beetle in the wilderness north of Tolkeen - she ran away when the beetle threatened to trample her. Her skills have greatly improved since then, but doubts still linger in her mind about her abilities and choices she has made.

Lucinda Wheeler

Lucinda Wheeler grew up in a small town in the Coalition State of Missouri. The most defining moment of her early years came when her father, in a fit of drunken rage, killed her mother in front of her own eyes. Wheeler was raised by an uncle after the incident, but she spent most of her time with a group of elves that lived in a nearby wood. The elves taught her to respect nature, to become one with it, to make it a part of her spirit; at the same time, the CS was teaching her that all non-humans were the enemy. In the end, she decided that she should join the CS, but also decided to avoid hurting those that weren't hurting the CS. Her time with the elves made her an ideal Ranger, and she spent several years in CS service before being lured away by Tamura to join TSAMS.

Darby McGillan

Darby McGillan's early life was full of tragedy; his parents - both CS officers - were killed when he was five years old, and he was raised by a paternal uncle in CS Fort El Dorado. This uncle - Michael McGillan - was a sergeant in the CS and an EOD Specialist, something which affected young Darby's life a great deal. Fascinated by he tales his uncle told him about disarming and setting explosive charges, Darby vowed to follow in his uncle's footsteps as soon as he was able and joined the CS military at the age of seventeen. After a few years, he left CS service in search of adventure with various mercenary groups, nearly all of which turned him loose after several near-misses while disarming bombs. Jolley recently picked him to lead TSAMS new EOD squad, a choice which he may still regret.

Gilles Bedard

Gilles Bedard was born in Free Quebec and was conscripted into the military at the age of nineteen. He had no desire to fight, preferring to work with his family on their farm in the southern area of the CS state, but his innate aptitude with weapons made him very valuable to the CS military. He was trained as a marksman and served the CS for two years before terminating his commission and selling his services to various merc groups who needed precision long-range shooting done. Since then, he has spent significant time with Larsen's Brigade honing his craft as an assassin, moving on to pistols, melee weapons and even letter bombs to accomplish his objectives. TSAMS is the first assignment where he has been completely free to eliminate the target in whatever manner he sees fit, though, which is why he has stayed with the company since its formation.

TSAMS Other Personnel

Other notable personnel include Master Sergeant Boyle (7th Level Special Forces), Sergeant LeCombe (6th Level CS Military Specialist), and Sergeant Hobbs (5th Level Special Forces), all of whom operate at the TSAMS fortified camp as training instructors.

Line Troops:

  • 50 - 75 Special Forces, levels 3 - 7
  • 50 - 75 Headhunters, levels 3 - 6
  • 60 - 90 Coalition Grunts (deserters or veterans), levels 3 - 6
  • 40 - 60 Wilderness Scouts, levels 2 - 6
  • 10 - 25 Juicers, levels 1 - 7
  • 20 - 30 City Rats, levels 2 - 5
  • 20 - 30 Borgs (at least half are full conversion), levels 2 - 6
  • 10 - 20 EOD Specialists, levels 2 - 5
  • 20 - 40 Special Operatives (usually Power Armor or Robot pilots of some type), levels 2 - 6, hired for short-term periods

    Total: 280 - 445 combat effectives, and about 400 - 600 support personnel at TSAMS headquarters and in the field with the troops. If need be, the resources of Tsunami Arms Manufacturing can be put to use directly for the merc company (about 200 additional non-combat personnel).

    Weapons, Equipment and Resources

  • Each soldier is given either a TSA-125 Wrecker II rifle/grenade launcher or TSA-202 Kali assault cannon (soldier's choice), both with 2 full reloads.
  • Each soldier is also given 20 grenades in a bandolier (the usual mix is 10 fragmentation and 10 plasma).
  • Two soldiers in each squad are issued TSA-400 Armand wire rifles and two reloads.
  • One soldier per squad is issued either a TSA-180 Strider or TSA-190 Whisper sniper rifle.
  • One soldier per squad is issued either a TSA-220 Belial grenade launcher/particle beam or TSA-250 Slammer MLA rifle/laser.
  • Any weapon in the full TSA catalog is available to all TSAMS soldier at only 40% of the catalog price; the soldier must pay for these weapons out of his or her own pocket, though.
  • Standard body armor is either the Gladiator or Crusader (70 M.D.C.) painted gray; wilderness squads receive Huntsman armor (40 M.D.C.).
  • NG-S2 Survival Pack or equivalent resources.

    Transport Vehicles

  • 10 Mountaineer A.T.V.s with nuclear power, 250 M.D.C., and armed with one TSA heavy weapon each.
  • 15 Falcon 300 Jet Packs.
  • 20 NG-EX10 Gladius Exo-Skeletons.
  • 5 APC-10 Iron Maiden APCs from Iron Heart Armaments.
  • 10 NG Samson Power Armor units, all equipped with TSA heavy weapons.

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