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August 17, 93 P.A.

"Are you prepared?"

The man in the chair swallowed, the moisture in his throat suddenly gone. "Of course." "No... you are not, no matter how much you believe otherwise." He began walking around the seated man in a slow circle, hands clasped stiffly behind his back. "Are you prepared to face the hatred of a million Coalition soldiers, every single one of whom will believe in his heart that you are a traitor to your race? Are you prepared to give up everything that you know and love, everything that you hold dear, for the next two decades? Quite possibly for the rest of your life?

"Are you prepared to wallow in the filth that has been dragged through the rifts from other dimensions? To associate with D-Bee scum on a daily basis? To actually convince them that you have their best interests at heart, all the while preparing to utterly destroy them?

"Are you prepared to accept responsibility for the deaths of possibly tens of thousands of Coalition soldiers at the hands of your creations? To have the grief and hatred of their families directed solely at you?

"Most of all, are you prepared to be actively hunted by your own people, by those you once might have called friend or family? Those who will despise you because of your apparent treachery? Those who may disobey direct orders and come after you, regardless of the consequences?

"Are you truly prepared for the task?"

In the chair, Hiro Tamura, Lieutenant in the Coalition Armed Forces, looked at the other man, firm conviction in his eyes. "I am prepared. I will not fail. Long live the Coalition States."

The Coalition States has sponsored many covert operations over the course of its existence, but few have been so secret or so far-reaching as Project Undertow. One of the primary goals of the Coalition has been to eradicate all non-human life from the North American continent, and in order to do so, they must undermine the ability of that life to defend itself. To that end, a plan was begun around 85 P.A., a plan that would infiltrate almost every D-Bee settlement on the continent, a plan designed to rock the very foundations of their morale and security. Given the code name Project Achilles, this endeavor was initially designed to be a ten-year project based out of Northern Gun, with several deep-cover operatives placed in positions of power in the manufacturing and political structure of Ishpeming. Over time, these operatives would destabilize the power structure from within, eventually bringing Northern Gun into the Coalition as a provisional state. The plan was met with lukewarm approval and training of the operatives was begun in Free Quebec.

The project soon began to change, however, with the involvement of two men: Colonel Michael Culwyeth and Lieutenant Hiro Tamura. Culwyeth was a hard-bitten soldier who had fought his way up through the ranks, and his many victories were almost legendary. The troops under his command would gladly have followed Culwyeth into Hell had he so ordered. This excellent record, however, did nothing to keep his attitude toward his superiors from getting him into trouble. Relegated to one low-level deask job after another for several years, Culwyeth jumped at the chance to command troops again, even if it was just for some deep-cover assignment. When training began, Culwyeth asked for thirty volunteers to begin the process; one of these was Hiro Tamura, a young lieutenant whose intelligence was matched only by his ambition. As the training progressed, Culwyeth was confronted by Tamura on several occasions with suggestions on how to make the operation more efficient, something which was very important given the limited resources involved.

Over a period of months, the two men formulated a new plan, one so far-reaching that it would eventually go before Emperor Prosek himself for final approval. Their idea was this: create a weapon manufacturing company in the area of Northern Gun that would actually be a Coalition-sponsored operation. In order to protect both the operation and the Coalition, there would be no direct connections between the two; the operation would pay for itself, and quite possibly make a profit. Using recently unearthed and reverse-engineered technology, this company would offer weapons that would outperform anything else available on either the open market or black market, making these wares highly prized and valuable. Over time these weapons would work their way into every major army and mercenary company on the continent... and then the true nature of the plan would be revealed. Every weapon, every grenade, even every round of ammunition would be rigged to malfunction or even explode on command when the proper time came, leaving hundreds of thousands weaponless, injured or dead. The Coalition Army would then be able to easily clean up whatever was left behind in the chaos.

At first the plan was highly criticized; the technical problems seemed insurmountable, and the potential sacrifice of the lives of thousands of Coalition soldiers disturbed many senior officers who had to approve the plan along the way. But Tamura was a technical genius, and Culwyeth had the persistence to keep pushing the plan until one day in the summer of 93 P.A., when Emperor Prosek approved Project Undertow on a twenty-year schedule. Tamura would start off alone, but would be joined over time by several other deep-cover operatives as the pieces were set into place for the final act, most likely an offensive against either the Federation of Magic or the kingdon of Tolkeen.

Tamura was given the cover story of leaving the CS military willingly and on god terms when he departed on his mission in early 94 P.A. His travels took him west, where he traveled through CS Iron Heart as he worked odd jobs and made connections with various arms dealers. This period was Phase One, wher Tamura laid the groundwork for what would come a decade later. He obtained work with Iron Heart Armaments to learn how a modern arms manufacturer did business, and then moved on to Phase Two: the establishment ofhis own business in Ishpeming. This would give him both the capital to start what would be named Tsunami Arms and also the reputation among mercenaries and adventurers that he was an excellent worker who made an excellent product. As he labored in the TSA Custom Shop with Stefan Engel (also a deep-cover operative, along with Joseph Armand, Gerald Maginot, Mortom Le Brun and most of the TSAMS squad leaders), he was working to find the perfect way to implement the remainder of the plan. A major part of the plan was to design a system that would allow the remote deactivation and/or detonation of every weapon and piece of ammunition that Tsunami Arms would make. Tamura's solution was to place a tiny, hideously complex chip into the electronics of these creations, a chip that would be able to broadcast an ultra-low frequency (ULF) signal that gave the weapon's serial number, location, what ammo was loaded, along with when and how often the weapon was fired; these chips would also deactivate the weapons and ammunition on command. He had designed these chips (hereafter referred to as kill chips) as well as the ULF signal that would activate them, but there was no way to conceal the true purpose from those talented psychics who possessed telemechanics. With the discovery of psi-tech by CS scientists, though, it became possible to mask the kill chips' true purpose, which meant that it was time to proceed with Phase Three: mass distribution of the technology. Tamura used his profitable customizing business to provide starting capital for Tsunami Arms Manufacturing, and before long his factory was turning out hundreds of high-quality, highly sought-after weapons every week.

As time passed and Project Undertow showed remarkable success, the leaders of the Coalition came to realize just how much of an asset Tsunami Arms could be. They began to pour more funding into the research and development needed to create a large line of weapons, as well as the personnel needed to work the manufacturing plant (fully half of the workers are active CS soldiers, hand-picked by Culwyeth and Tamura for their skills both in technical matters and espoinage). By 105 P.A., the idea of beginning a mercenary army within Tsunami Arms had been approved and was warmly received by many within the CS High Command. Mainly staffed by CS volunteers, the force of three to four hundred soldiers has quickly made a name in the field of Close-Quarters Battle and urban combat; one common task is to clear our Xiticix hives for independant kingdoms. Many CS officers aware of the project have also used TSAMS for black ops missions where any knowledge of CS involvement would be very dangerous. As for those members of TSA who are not part of the plan (most notably Sparrow Hawke and Gilles Bedard), plans have already been made to remove them from the picture when the time comes.

Now in its fifth year of operation, Tsunami Arms Manufacturing has sold over one million weapons and hundreds of millions of grenades and ammunition rounds. Tamura has also managed to secure weapon deals with the cities of Tolkeen and Lazlo, both for significant quantities of weapons and ammunition; the finalization of the deals is expected within the next few months. As the war with Tolkeen grows ever closer, Tamura and his associates await the signal to proceed with Phase Four: the selective deactivation and destruction of TSA weapons during battles that the CS is waging. It is expected that during the Tolkeen engagement, at least twenty percent of non-CS forces will be using TSA weaponry; the sudden destruction of these weapons will throw at least half of the fighting forces into disarray, allowing the Coalition a quick victory. It is presumed that word will spread quickly about the incident, but by this time the operation will have moved to its final phase: Killswitch.

Since 105 P.A. the Coalition has been constructing massive ULF transmitters in every major facility and city they control on the North American continent. When the order is given by Emperor Prosek, these transmitters will begin broadcasting a massively powerful signal that will initiate a mass kill of all TSA weapons and ammunition across the continent, from the northern reaches of Canada to the central plains of Mexico, and even to the Pacific Ocean. This signal will shut down most TSA weapons (1-94% chance) and will destroy or deactivate most ammunition (1-12% chance of causing the ammunition to explode or fire prematurely, doing normal damage to the user of the weapon; 13-97% chance of the ammunition becoming nonfunctional and inert). In the ensuing chaos, the CS will expand its territory by an estimated fifty to seventy percent, including the areas of Tolkeen, Lazlo, New Lazlo and Free Quebec.

In a final irony, the Emperor has authorized the issue of many TSA designs to elite Coalition units upon the activation of Killswitch (with a modified version of the kill chip installed to prevent the weapon from falling into enemy hands). These weapons, already proven on the field of battle, will be the death knell for hundreds of thousands who foolishly attempt to stand against the power of the Coalition States.

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