U.S.S. Tiamat
Picture of the Tiamat

Construction facilities across the Federation have been working overtime building new ships to replace those lost during the current war with the Cardassian/Dominion alliance. More and more combat-oriented ships are being built as well, and one of the more successful designs has been the Algonquin-class Attack Cruisers. Based loosely on the successful Triumph-class, the Algonquin-class ships feature dual warp cores, high-power warp engines, and an IRCS package for precise maneuvering at high impulse speeds. Also borrowing the 'rollbar' element of the Miranda-class ships, these vessels have a quantum torpedo launcher capable of fore and aft firing arcs. Already the seven ships in this class have proven themselves battle-worthy on the front lines.

The U.S.S. Tiamat (NCC-89004) is the sixth ship in the class, and recently survived the Federation assault on the Cardassian-held Chintaka system. Dodging constant attack by automated weapons platforms, the Tiamat was one of the few ships that survived to gain a foothold in Cardassian territory for the Federation. Currently the Tiamat is part of Task Force 14, operating out of Starbase 375.

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