U.S.S. Teclopi
Picture of the Teclopi

In an attempt to utilize the large number of spare components left over from the Constitution-class upgrades, Biraktes engineers designed a simple, rugged cruiser capable of most duties short of extensive researc h or combat. This design, christened the Elladan-class after its design team leader, served Starfleet moderately well for over two decades before being replaced by more modern ships. None of the six ships built remain in service, but four are active in commercial service.

One of these is the U.S.S. Teclopi (NCC-3367), which served in Starfleet for eighteen years. Following her retirement from Starfleet, the Teclopi was purchased by a group of merchants and refitted as a cargo hauler, but with enough firepower to defend convoys against any pirate forces that might want to interfere. Since then the Teclopi has passed through several owners and is now barely recognizable as a ship that was once in Starfleet service.

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