Tsunami Arms - Classic Line
Tsunami Arms - Classic Line

In an effort to appeal to the population of the New West and to adventurers who just want to look like they belong there, Tsunami Arms has introduced a line of weapons that look very much like the ancient weapons of the American West but fire modern TSA ammunition. These weapons have just recently hit the shelves in TSA outlets around the continent and have proven to be fast sellers, partly because of the nostalgia factor and partly because of the ammunition variety.

Tsunami Arms Dragoon Series Pistols: A series of four weapons styled after traditional 'gunslinger' weapons, the Dragoon-series guns are single-action revolvers with excellent balance and accuracy. Each is chambered for a different TSA caliber (12.5mm, 10mm, 15mm, and 15mm extended), and each pistol can be reloaded by simply popping one reusable cylinder out and placing a new, fully loaded one back in.

TSA-500 12.5mm Caseless Single-Action Revolver:

TSA-501 10mm Caseless Single-Action Revolver:

TSA-502 15mm Caseless Single-Action Revolver:

TSA-503 15mm Extended Caseless Single-Action Revolver:

Tsunami Arms Pirahna Series Derringers: Excited by the popularity of the TSA-70 Blackjack, Tsunami Arms designers came up with a Classic Line series of weapons that were even smaller and often lighter, as well as styled in the fashion of the Old West, like traditional derringers.

TSA-505 12.5mm Single Shot Derringer:

TSA-506 12.5mm Dual Shot Derringer:

TSA-510 10mm Single Shot Derringer:

TSA-512 10mm Dual Shot Derringer:

TSA-514 10mm Four Shot Derringer:

Tsunami Arms Mastodon Series Pistols: Similar to the TSA grenade launcher pistols, the Mastodon Series weapons are large break-open weapons that fire either 15mm Caseless or 15mm Extended Caseless rounds. These guns are often used as backup weapons when knockdown power is needed in a small package.

TSA-520 15mm Caseless Single Shot Pistol:

TSA-522 15mm Caseless Dual Shot Pistol:

TSA-525 15mm Extended Caseless Single Shot Pistol:

TSA-527 15mm Extended Caseless Dual Shot Pistol:

Tsunami Arms Lightning Series Lever-Action Rifles: Styled in the ancient tradition of the Old West, TSA Lightning Series rifles are well-balanced weapons that are proving very popular among the cowboys of the New West because of their ruggedness and the various ammunition types available. These four weapons are able to be reloaded quickly because they have replacable tube magazines under the barrel; just pop the empty one out and slide the replacement in (takes one melee action).

TSA-530 12.5mm Caseless Lever-Action Rifle:

TSA-532 10mm Caseless Lever-Action Rifle:

TSA-535 15mm Caseless Lever-Action Rifle:

TSA-537 15mm Extended Caseless Lever-Action Rifle:

Tsunami Arms Crusader Series Break-Open Rifles: Designed for the modern big-game hunter in mind, the Crusader Series weapons are all either single or dual shot weapons with long barrels, hair triggers and excellent balance. These weapons are not meant for extended combat use but for putting down the target in just one or two shots from long range. Able to be equipped with an aftermarket scope but highly accurate without one (+2 to strike on an aimed shot), the Crusader Series is proving popular with special forces units as a sniping weapon.

TSA-540 12.5mm Caseless Single Shot Rifle:

TSA-542 12.5mm Caseless Dual Shot Rifle:

TSA-545 15mm Caseless Single Shot Rifle:

TSA-546 15mm Caseless Dual Shot Rifle:

TSA-548 15mm Extended Caseless Single Shot Rifle:

TSA-549 15mm Extended Caseless Dual Shot Rifle:

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