U.S.S. Tarlach
Picture of the Tarlach

The number of shuttlecarriers in Starfleet has never been great, and those in service are often the busiest vessels in the fleet. There is always a need for these vessels' services, whether it be personnel transport, planetary assistance or starship rescue operations, and the nine Arcadia-class ships have served Starfleet well for over twenty years. Based heavily on the Vendredi-class cruisers, these ships feature an enormous main shuttlebay with six entry doors that is capable of handling over three hundred shuttle takeoffs and landings every hour. All nine vessels remain in Starfleet service, and plans have been finalized to construct five more to assist with the reconsturuction efforts on Cardassia Prime.

One of these ships is the U.S.S. Tarlach (NCC-56373), currently assisting in recovery operations at Cardassia Prime. Following the deaths of eight hundred million Cardassians at the hands of Jem'Hadar and Breen forces and the destruction of millions of square kilometers of the planet, hundreds of ships have massed in orbit, ferrying wounded to medical facilities and supplies to the already resource-poor world. The Tarlach is the base of operations for many search teams that are sifting through teh rubble, looking for survivors.

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