U.S.S. Sumpter
Picture of the Sumpter

Constructed during the same period and built for the same purpose as the Cyclone-class ships, the Sumpter-class ships also suffered much the same fate as their brethren, consignment to storage at the Inkestra IX Storage Facility. However, when the war with the Dominion broke out, the three completed Sumpter-class ships were almost immediately removed from storage and overhauled. The reason for this was that each vessel mounts a pair of phaser cannons more powerful than any previous ship-mounted weapon; the cannons remain the most powerful to this day.

Of the three Sumpter-class prototypes, only one is still battling the forces of the Dominion, the U.S.S. Sumpter herself. The other two vessels - U.S.S. Arkalian and U.S.S. Krakatoa - were destroyed along with most of the Seventh Fleet some time ago. Miraculously, the Sumpter has emerged from many battles practically unscathed and is earning a reputation similar to the De Soto's, one of being untouchable.

Special credit goes to Roger Timperley, this vessel's primary designer.

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