U.S.S. Solomon NCC-1241
Oracle-class Cruiser

Picture of the Solomon

The second attempt of Starfleet designers to create a 4-nacelled vessel, the Oracle-class cruisers were far more flexible than their Damian-class predecessors. Equipped with four Delta-2 warp nacelles, these ships could reach Warp 6 for short periods (standard cruising speed of Warp 4.2), and were among the last Starfleet ships to be equipped with hybrid fusion powerplants. The ten ships of this class also featured six heavy laser cannons, two Grade 8 particle cannons, and four short-range starfighters in her hangar bay, which made them formidable opponents. The best thing about these ships, however, was their excellent sensor system-computer interface, which made the previously time-consuming task of scanning and collating the data far more expedient (a task which once took hours could now be done in a matter of minutes). No Oracle-class ships remain in Starfleet, although the Starfleet Museum has one on display at its Orbital Annex.

The U.S.S. Solomon (NCC-1241) embarked on a three-year mission of exploration in 2218 from Starbase 5. Seven months later, the U.S.S. Ceres (NCC-1216) encountered a blackened warp nacelle belonging to the Solomon floating in the Espaldon system, some 300 light-years from where she was supposed to be. The nacelle's presence has never been explained, and the Solomon remains missing, presumed destroyed.

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