Biraktes Shipyards
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While on the outer reaches of Federation space, Biraktes Shipyards has always been at the leading edge of starship design. Established in 2197 as a single construction yard in orbit around the Inkestra III colony, Biraktes has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of interstellar vessels for both military and commercial use. With extensive construction and refit facilities in orbit around three planets in the system and an advanced research and development program dedicated to starship applications, Biraktes will remain at the forefront of starship design and construction for decades to come.

As well as being a primary construction site for standard Starfleet designs such as the Galaxy and Intrepid-class ships, Biraktes Shipyards has also been designing and building non-standard designs for nearly a century. From customizing specific vessels to completely unique prototype designs, Biraktes has been there... and will continue to do so through our second century of operation.

While Biraktes Shipyards has constructed several hundred ships, a number of ship classes and individual vessels stand out.

Ships Built from 2120 to 2260

U.E.D.F. Thetis EDF-33 (Added 6-23-04)
U.E.D.F. Challenger EDF-26 (Added 6-23-04)
U.E.D.F. Conestoga ETC-17 (Added 6-23-04)
U.E.D.F. Ojibwa EDF-40 (Added 6-23-04)
U.E.D.F. Comanche EDF-52 (Added 6-23-04)
U.E.D.F. Pathfinder EDF-22 (Added 6-23-04)
U.E.D.F. Rhiannon EDF-57 (Added 6-23-04)
S.S. Arcadia 34T (Added 6-23-04)
Nightingale I (Added 6-23-04)

U.E.D.F. Hunter EDF-24 (Added 9-30-02)
U.E.D.F. Clarity EDF-27 (Added 9-30-02)
U.E.D.F. Revere EP-31 (Added 9-30-02)
U.E.D.F. Progress ETC-40 (Added 9-30-02)
U.E.D.F. Sojourn EDF-55 (Added 9-30-02)
U.E.D.F. Witness EDF-65 (Added 9-30-02)
U.E.D.F. Hermes EDF-18 (Modified 9-30-02)

U.E.D.F. Antietam EDF-31 (Added 5-15-02)
U.E.D.F. Union EDF-41 (Added 5-15-02)
U.E.D.F. Constant EDF-33 (Added 5-15-02)
U.S.S. Fearless NCC-015
U.S.S. Phoenix NCC-020
U.S.S. Cecile NCC-341
U.S.S. Carthage NCC-377
U.S.S. Magellan NCC-454
U.S.S. Chernigov NCC-936
U.S.S. Ortzi NCC-1132
U.S.S. Whitman NCC-1195
U.S.S. Solomon NCC-1241
U.S.S. Zephyr NCC-1278
U.S.S. Matalon NCC-1319
U.S.S. Cahill NCC-1420
U.S.S. Faulkner NCC-1445
U.S.S. LaGrange NCC-1472
U.S.S. Imanol NCC-1497
U.S.S. Nemesis NCC-1656
U.S.S. Scorpio NCC-1683

Ships Built from 2261 to 2310

U.S.S. Liberator NCC-2206
U.S.S. Savannah NCC-2477
U.S.S. Reprisal NCC-2616
U.S.S. Courageous NCC-2942
U.S.S. Valiant NCC-3092
U.S.S. Casthes NCC-3114
U.S.S. Sovereign NCC-3201
U.S.S. Teclopi NCC-3367
U.S.S. Sceptre NCC-3480
U.S.S. Brandenburg NCC-3619
U.S.S. Orestes NCC-3821
U.S.S. Stiletto NCC-3953
U.S.S. Pardici NCC-4193
U.S.S. Corsica NCC-4406
U.S.S. Wyndham NCC-4676
U.S.S. Longbow NCC-4855
U.S.S. Nomad NCC-4990
U.S.S. Pelelieu NCC-5173
U.S.S. Sarginson NCC-5542
U.S.S. Loxton NCC-5604
U.S.S. Dubet NCC-5697
U.S.S. Qannari NCC-5855
U.S.S. Salerno NX-6020
U.S.S. Uparjan NCC-6076

Ships Built from 2311 to 2360

U.S.S. Lothron NCC-6627
U.S.S. Galatea NCC-7206
U.S.S. Antion NCC-9808
U.S.S. Erastis NCC-15917
U.S.S. De Soto NCC-17034
U.S.S. Cyprien NCC-17925
U.S.S. Gravesend NCC-19602
U.S.S. Araba NCC-38154
U.S.S. Cyprus NX-39746
U.S.S. Ventura NCC-40119
U.S.S. Cyclone NX-41719
U.S.S. Sumpter NX-41817
U.S.S. Atronach NCC-45010
U.S.S. Kiwanja NCC-48159
U.S.S. Balthasar NCC-51023
U.S.S. Soltano NCC-55391
U.S.S. Tarlach NCC-56373
U.S.S. Kheriu NCC-58710
U.S.S. Cu'Chulainn NCC-59268
U.S.S. Brannoc NCC-63645

Ships Built from 2361 to 2400

U.S.S. Scythia NCC-73014
U.S.S. Tycho Brahe NCC-73491
U.S.S. Anaximander NCC-74833
U.S.S. Duchesne NCC-75721
U.S.S. Adamant NCC-77143
U.S.S. Kaiju NCC-79730
U.S.S. Isparta NCC-80144
U.S.S. Marquand NCC-80903
U.S.S. Gallipoli NCC-81439
U.S.S. Gethsemane NX-85015
U.S.S. Messiah NX-85016
U.S.S. Matthias NCC-85929
U.S.S. Ramius NCC-87011
U.S.S. Hutchins NCC-87723
U.S.S. Clara Barton NCC-88546
U.S.S. Tiamat NCC-89004
U.S.S. Nassau NX-92013
U.S.S. Kearsarge NX-92351

Outside Submissions

U.S.S. Vince NX-3231-61 and U.S.S. Larry NX-3468-35
U.S.S. Pulamer NCC-79891

In addition to these ships, Biraktes Shipyards also boasts some of the largest, most complete construction facilities to be found in Federation space. Some of these facilities are listed below.

Giuliani Station
Southampton Drydock Facility
Megalith Construction Facility

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