U.S.S. Scythia
Picture of the Scythia

The concept of the hybrid ship has long been embraced at Biraktes Shipyards; most classes described here are hybrids in one way or another. However, the Kharkov-class heavy cruisers are the best example of the potential hybrid designs possess. During a lull in starship procurement Biraktes engineers began to work on a ship that would take the best elements of several designs and incorporate them into a single vessel. Fifteen years ago, this design began to take shape; the engineering hull framework of an Excelsior II-class ship was obtained, as well as the experimental primary hull for a Hercules-class ship (an experimental design that was the forebear of both the Intrepid and Sovereign-class vessels). These components were mated and then equipped with the same heavy warp engines as the Odessa-class fast frigates. The result was a fast ship capable of providing tremendous fire support in combat, and was also an able science vessel as well.

Because of the lack of suitable components only two vessels in this class have been constructed. One of these ships, the U.S.S. Scythia (NCC-73014), was among the fourteen survivors of the recent destruction of the Seventh Fleet and is partially responsible for the survival of the remaining vessels. During the retreat the Scythia was able to open up a hole in the enemy line and hold it while seven ships got through and also provided covering fire all the way to the Federation Border. Currently the Scythia is being repaired at Starbase 351.

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