U.S.S. Sarginson
Picture of the Sarginson

An initial attempt to find a replacement for the Miranda-class ships, the Sturridge-class design failed to live up to what was hoped for by Starfleet. Although these ships had a generous shuttle capacity and warp efficiency, the sensor systems and overall endurance were badly lacking, resulting in Starfleet's decision to order only six of these vessels.

The U.S.S. Sarginson (NCC-5542) was the third ship built in this class and served in Starfleet for twenty-nine years before suffering severe damage durng a rescue operation at the colony world of New Lothien. A freighter had lost impulse power and was in a decaying orbit when the Sarginson attempted to pull her into a higher orbit with her tractor beam. Unfortunately, the beam emitters could not handle the strain and overloaded, causing a surge through the ship's power systems which crippled her. Faced with a difficult choice, the captain had to save his own ship and was unable to transport any of the freighter's crew to safety before the freighter burned up in the atmosphere.

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