U.S.S. Salerno
Picture of the Salerno

In the opening years of the twenty-fourth century, Biraktes engineers began designing a modular cruiser, a ship capable of swapping large sections in and out with relative ease and quickness. The potential for such a ship would be limitless; with the proper modules one ship could handle almost any situation. Biraktes engineers chose the reliable Semenou-class hull to base the ship on and developed three removable sections for each of the two prototype ships in order to refine the technologies involved. Ultimately the Apandav-class prototype design was found to have too many flaws, but the research done on this project paved the way for many later improvements.

The lead ship in this class was the U.S.S. Salerno (NX-6020), a ship that never saw active duty in Starfleet. Both prototype vessels were used to test the feasability of the technologies involved and were never considered for active duty. After the project was ended, though, a private interest purchased the Salerno and all six modules and began using the ship as a private research vessel, performing research for individuals or groups who provided funding. The Salerno still functions in this capacity even today.

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