U.S.S. Qannari
Picture of the Qannari

Another variant on the Sturridge-class, the Danjou-class light cruisers were designed to present a lower sensor profile and be highly maneuverable. Lacking photon torpedoes and megaphaser cannons, the five Danjou-class ships must rely on their speed to evade enemy vessels. Equipped with extensive sensor packages, these ships served as reconaissance vessels for many years before being phased out of service.

The U.S.S. Qannari (NCC-5855) was the second ship commissioned in the Danjou-class and was in service from 2306 to 2338. Commanded by only two people during her service life, the Qannari suffered from a series of accidents until her destruction. Misfiring RCS thrusters, abrupt hull breaches, and all manner of other mishaps claimed the lives of eighteen beings over the thirty-two years of her existence. The final accident occured in the Sol system in the orbit of Jupiter, as the Qannari awaited entrance to Jovian Repair Bay 32-Delta. While on approach to the repair station the ship's impulse engines failed and the Qannari's orbit rapidly decayed, plunging her into Jupiter's atmosphere. The U.S.S. Berlin and U.S.S. LaSalle managed to transport the crew to safety, but the ship was pulled down into the deepest layers of Jupiter where she remains to this day.

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