U.S.S. Pulamer
Picture of the Pulamer

U.S.S. Pulamer (NCC-79891) and U.S.S. Sorrell (NCC-79971) are sister ships that were constructed within months of each other. Both are Kingston-class Exploratory Cruisers that were designed for deep space missions that seek out new worlds, new civilizations, etc. The Sorrell is currently exploring the Frontier on the far side of the Klingon Empire. She is also at the disposal of the Imperial Klingon Fleet on their mission as well, and will render aide and defense as needed.

The Pulamer is cut off from the Federation due to the fact that it was assigned to explore the frontier in the Gamma Quadrant. Contact with her was lost several months ago, but she is believed to be uncaptured and on the run from Dominion forces while simultaneously exploring the quadrant.

The Sorrell's plaque quotes "I'll be on my way.", after a Buddy Holly song from the twentieth century. In contrast, the Pulamer's plaque quotes "I belong to my future but I will never forget my past.", which is taken from the holonovel Sword of Destiny.

One of the most interesting design features about the Kingston-class ships is their ability to phase their warp signature. This makes the signature almost undetectable with the most advanced Starfleet equipment; for most Threat forces, this means that a Kingston-class ship is literally untrackable. It is hoped that this ability has given the Pulamer a fighting chance in the Gamma Quadrant.

This ship was designed by Jeremy Smith (scanner79@hotmail.com).

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