U.S.S. Phoenix NCC-020
Dauntless-class Cruiser

Picture of the Phoenix

The Dauntless-class cruisers were not intended to lead the path to war; indeed, their very purpose was to explore the vast space around Earth and other nearby worlds. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and hybrid fusion power systems, these ships could reach the then-unheard of velocity of Warp 3.8 (although Warp 2.5 was standard cruising speed). More importantly, though, the nine vessels in the Dauntless-class were able to operate without support for a period of twelve to fifteen months, a far better endurance than the more famous Daedalus-class ships that would follow. Following the Romulan War of 2156 - 2160, the Dauntless-class ships spearheaded exploration of the Alpha Quadrant. Of the nine constructed, none are known to remain intact; five were destroyed in the line of duty, three were decommissioned and one vanished altogether.

Commissioned in early 2156, the Phoenix was immediately thrust into the spotlight as the first vessel to encounter a Romulan Preybird following the formal declaration of war by the United Earth Council. The Phoenix, under the command of Captain Joe Ehrlich, destroyed two enemy ships before pulling back to effect repairs, and then went on to serve at the front lines of the Romulan War. Following the cessation of hostilities in 2160, the Phoenix (named for Zefram Cochrane's warp test ship) went on to spearhead galactic exploration until her disappearance in 2167.

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