U.S.S. Pelelieu
Picture of the Pelelieu

Designed to function in multiple roles, the Rendova-class shuttlecarriers were introduced in 2292 to much fanfare. Capable of operating with a minimal crew at full efficiency, these ships are capable of landing and embarking over 200 craft per hour, thanks to their three primary bays and an additional six secondary bays in the primary hull. Of the fourteen ships constructed, two remain in service with Starfleet as colonial support ships and the rest were sold to private interests.

The U.S.S. Pelelieu (NCC-5173) is one of the ships still active in Starfleet. Operating out of Starbase 79, the Pelelieu ferries support craft to colonies at least once every two months and is considered one of the hardest working craft in Starfleet.

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