U.S.S. Pardici
Picture of the Pardici

Intended to revolutionize Federation starship design, the Andros-class was a bold experiment in creating a less costly, more efficient starship. The designers accomplished this by rearranging the internal layout of the vessel, moving most of the engineering spaces to the primary hull and dorsal support while relocating most of the living spaces and laboratory facilities to the secondary hull. Unfortunately, this configuration turned out to be less successful than had been anticipated because of difficulties integrating engineering systems into the available space. Out of five vessels constructed, none remain in Starfleet service, two are in commercial use, and three are stored at the Inkestra VI facility.

The U.S.S. Pardici (NCC-4193) is currently in use as a colony escort vessel along the Void between the Orion and Sagittarius Arms of the galaxy. The ship was commanded by Captain Roland McDaggett for her entire service life and after her decommissioning, McDaggett began acquiring the capital to purchase the ship himself and after retirement bought the vessel - and took many of his original crew with him. Refitted as an escort ship with substantial firepower, the ship kept many vessels safe when they otherwise would have been plundered and destroyed. The descendants of his original crew - including his daughter - still operate the Pardici.

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