U.S.S. Orestes
Picture of the Orestes

In a second attempt to utilize leftover components from Constitution-class refits, Biraktes engineers took the Elladan-class design and added improved sensor systems and phaser emitters, ending up with a vessel design that externally resembled the Constitution II-class. Internally, however, the systems were more rugged, easier to repair in the field, and more efficient than their predecessors. The Ramses-class ships were never as popular, but among their individual crews these nineteen ships were very respected and liked. Of those nineteen ships built, seven remain in Starfleet auxiliary service and the remainder have been sold to commercial interests.

The U.S.S. Orestes is currently attached to Starbase 324 as an escort vessel for the many cargo and medical transport ships moving back and forth to the front lines of the Dominion War. With a reduced crew complement and increased space for cargo or medical needs, the Orestes is capable of functioning as a makeshift hospital, something she has been required to do during the initial occupation of the Chintaka system.

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