U.S.S. Nemesis
Picture of the Nemesis

During the early 2240s, Starfleet was deeply involved in the process of choosing a heavy cruiser design that would represent Federation interests across known space. By 2242, the contenders had been narrowed down to two classes: the Constitution-class and the Neihardt-class. Both were exceptionally well-designed and durable ships, sporting the most powerful warp engines and weaponry of the day; both were well-liked by their crews; both had excellent prospects for a long and illustrious career in Starfleet. The ultimate decision to adopt the Constitution-class, though, came down to simple economics. It was almost thirty percent cheaper to fabricate the Constitution-class components than for the Neihardt-class, a fact which made Starfleet's choice relatively easy. Only three Neihardt-class ships were constructed, all of which served Starfleet well until being decommissioned (the last in 2290).

In 2273, the U.S.S. Nemesis (NCC-1656) participated in a tactical excercise named Black Dog, in which one starship simulated a Romulan attack against a Federation force of six vessels. Out of the Starfleet ships, only the Nemesis survived with minor simulated damage, while neutralizing the threat vessel with a combination of skill, superior firepower and luck.

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