U.S.S. Nassau
Picture of the Nassau

The proposed Tulagi-class assault ships are a radical departure from standard Starfleet designs. Instead of a multimission capability, this class has only one purpose: warfare. With no luxuries to speak of and a minimal crew, actual living and working spaces comprise only 18% of the total volume of these powerful vessels. The remainder is devoted to dual warp cores, multiple weapon systems and a prototype IRCS package. Only two of these ships have been built and have fared well against the Dominion; unfortunately, the design is not likely to be formally adopted by Starfleet in the foreseeable future due to the complexity of the IRCS package and a lack of suitable warp drive components.

The U.S.S. Nassau (NX-92013) is currently assigned to Starbase 375 as part of Task Force 14, serving on the front lines of the Dominion War. Having sustained heavy damage during the massacre of the Seventh Fleet over a year ago, the Nassau has only recently been restored to active duty. With five new enemy kills to her credit already, the ship has rapidly acquired a reputation among the Dominion forces as a killer.

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