U.S.S. Matalon NCC-1319
Corrigan-class Destroyer

Picture of the Matalon

Of all the design failures of the many Starfleet designers, none have been so tragic as the Corrigan-class destroyers. Introduced in 2212, the ten ships of this class proved spaceworthy and dependable... until seven years after the first ship was commissioned, when the dilithium articuation frame shattered and the matter / antimatter reation ran wild. The U.S.S. Matalon (NCC-1315) was destroyed in a matter of seconds, and all hands were lost. Unfortunately, before the cause of the explosion was found, two more Corrigan-class ships suffered the same fate. Ultimately, Starfleet engineers came to the conclusion that the articulation frame was prone to microfractures... but the damage was done, and Starfeet quietly retired the Corrigan-class eleven years after commissioning.

The U.S.S. Matalon (NCC-1319) was almost a third casualty of the microfracture defect in 2219, when an astute assistant engineer noticed a power fluctuation in the intermix chamber. Immediately halting the warp reaction, the engineer forced the Matalon out of warp and almost into an uncontrolled spiral to the surface of New Lothian. The crew managed to get the ship into a low orbit, however, and the engineer received a commendation for his quick action that saved one-hundred and forty-five lives.

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