U.S.S. Marquand
Picture of the Marquand

While the performance of the Pangaea II-class frigates has been impressive, Starfleet Command has been investing considerable time and effort in the creation of a small, extremely fast attack ship that is more able to take an aggressive position against threat forces. Biraktes' entry into this field is the Triumph-class attack cruiser. As with the Pangaea II-class, this ship is based on the Intrepid-class hull but forgoes an engineering hull in favor of a sleeker design which gives the ship a lower sensor profile. With the same engineering setup as the Pangaea II-class these ships are very fast and maneuverable, and they also pack a significant photon torpedo payload and improved phaser power. They are also far less expensive than the full-sized cruisers Starfleet has been losing throughout the war with the Dominion.

The fourth ship in this class is the U.S.S. Marquand, which has been assigned to Starbase 375 as part of Task Force 14 only in the past few weeks. Already this ship has recorded seven unassisted enemy kills and has helped the survival rate in the task force improve by 20%. Based on this and similar performance by the other three ships in this class Starfleet is considering making an order of forty vessels.

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