U.S.S. Loxton
Picture of the Loxton

Fundamentally identical to the Sturridge-class ships, the seven Hallows-class cruisers feature a reduced shuttle capacity in return for far greater endurance on long-term missions. With an improved sensor suite and slightly larger crew complement, the Hallows-class ships performed as well as the Miranda-class but not as well as had been anticipated. Despite this, four of these ships remain in Starfleet service and are thought of fondly by their crews.

The U.S.S. Loxton (NCC-5604) was in service for only twelve years until her disappearance in 2311. After escorting the freighter Rene Contera to the Halcos IX research station, the Loxton was en route to Starbase 94 when communication was lost with her. An exhaustive search revealed few signs that she had even departed from Halcos IX; her warp trail extended less than three light years before vanishing without a trace. No further evidence of the Loxton's fate has ever been found.

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