U.S.S. Lothron
Picture of the Lothron

Based on the proven Excelsior-class design, the Byra-class light cruisers forego heavy weapon emplacements in favor of more efficient engines and an extensive sensor package. These ships have no photon torpedo launchers and only four old-style phaser emitters, but their typical duties were far from potential trouble spots and this load has served the nineteen ships in this class quite well.

The U.S.S. Lothron (NCC-6627) was the seventh ship to be commissioned in this class and served in Starfleet for four decades before being decommissioned in 2358. Having been a participant in dozens of relief efforts and courier missions, the Lothron has led a far more exciting life outside of Starfleet service. Purchased by a Terran entrepreneur in 2362 as a stripped vessel, the Lothron has been transformed and now tours the outlying areas of the Federation as a combination mobile recreation facility / medical ship. The Lothron's operation is financed primarily by donations from the worlds the ship visits.

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