U.S.S. LaGrange NCC-1472
Feynman-class Research Cruiser

Picture of the LaGrange

With the massive exploration of the Alpha Quadrant in the early part of the twenty-third century, Starfleet decided that a need for dedicated research vessels existed, in order to fully catalogue and document the areas that had been discovered and were now just beginning to be colonized. The Feynman-class ships were the spearhead of the effort - equipped with excellent sensors and an M-3 computer system, these ships could collect and analyze data faster than any other at the time. With a large science complement and many dedicated labs, the twelve Feynman-class ships helped expand the Federation boundary by great distances.

The U.S.S. LaGrange (NCC-1472) was launched in 2229 and served Starfleet for over forty years, cataloguing hundreds of systems before being decommissioned in 2272.

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