U.S.S. Kiwanja
Picture of the Kiwanja

While most Starfleet vessels are dedicated to exploration, a number have been designed to serve in purely military applications, whether offensive or defensive in nature. One of these classes is the Honshu-class destroyer. These ships were partly built from Excelsior-class components, combined with high-energy phaser emitters and improved warp engines. Starfleet procured six vessels of this class in 2342 and placed an order for ten more the following year; of these sixteen, seven remain in active service, two have been stripped and sold and the other seven destroyed.

Of the vessels in active service, four have been active participants in the Dominion War, serving with the First, Fifth and Eighth Fleets. One of these ships - the U.S.S. Kiwanja (NCC-48159) - managed to escape damage throughout the entire conflict, and was considered to be a good luck charm by the entire Fifth Fleet. The Kiwanja is currently assigned to Starbase 371.

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