U.S.S. Kearsarge
Picture of the Kearsarge

With a design borrowing heavily from the Tulagi-class, the Croatoan-class assault cruisers face much the same dilemms with Starfleet Command. Despite having an impressive sensor package and ample living space, the Croatoan-class remains primarily a warship and is not expected to be placed into regular production. Three vessels have been completed and are currently in service with the Ninth Fleet.

Recently the U.S.S. Kearsarge (NX-92351) was involved in a major battle with Dominion forces. Trapped behind enemy lines, the Kearsarge managed to evade capture by diving into a gas giant; the enhanced SIF units allowed the ship to reach depths of 10,000 kilometers and endure pressures that crushed the Jem'Hadar pursuit ships before they could get close enough to fire. This tactic resulted in major structural damage to the Kearsarge and she is currently drydocked at Starbase 393 for repairs.

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