U.S.S. Isparta
Picture of the Isparta

Based on the recently introduced Intrepid-class ships, the Pangaea-class frigates are Biraktes' answer to the problem of firepower that has surfaced in regard to the Intrepid-class ships. Mounting a much larger warp core, improved shield generators, and much larger warp engines, the Pangaea-class ships are easily able to hold their own against larger ships. Their small size also gives them greater maneuverability than most of their opponents (usually Cardassian cruisers and frigates).

The U.S.S. Isparta (NCC-80144) is the fourth ship of this class to be commissioned and has just recently joined the battle against the Dominion. Based out of Starbase 375 the Isparta is part of Task Force 14, a small group of ships selected to sneak across the Cardassian & Dominion border in order to conduct reconnaissance and occasional military strikes.

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