U.S.S. Imanol
Picture of the Imanol

Introduced in 2230, the Barazi-class cruisers were among the first Starfleet vessels to feature the distinctive saucer-shaped primary hull. For a period of thirty-five years, the twenty-two ships in this class were the spearhead of Federation exploration along the Outer Rim of the galaxy. With a crew of one hundred and forty and an endurance of two years, these ships were assigned to the earliest long-term exploration and patrol missions. The last Barazi-class ships were decommissioned in 2283, but six remain in commercial service.

In 2246 a massive fungal infestation tainted the bulk of foodstuffs on Tarsus IV. In response to the distress calls sent out by the colony, Starfleet dispatched several ships led by the U.S.S. Imanol (NCC-1497) to render aid to them. Unfortunately, by the time they had arrived half of the colonists had been put to death by Governor Kodos in order to save the other half. An away team from the Imanol discovered the charred remains of what was then believed to be Kodos, although it was later revealed that he had survived the incident.

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