U.S.S. Hutchins
Picture of the Hutchins

Intended as a replacement for the aging Miranda-class vessels, the McDevitt-class ships share the same basic structure: a single primary hull, dual warp engines, and a dorsal weapons pod. The nine ships completed so far are constructed primarily from components manufactured exclusively at Biraktes facilities in the Inkestra system.

As part of an ongoing test, the U.S.S. Hutchins (NCC-87723) has been equipped with a prototype IRCS system. Currently based out of Starbase 341, the Hutchins patrols the area known as the Sozlo Reaches, a region near the void between the Orion and Sagittarius Arms of the galaxy. This area, recently opened to commercial traffic, is home to over a dozen pocket empires and many more individual races, most of which exist in some state of conflict. Federation ships are occasional victims of piracy, and the Hutchins does her best to keep the peace.

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