U.E.D.F. Hunter EDF-24
Prowler-class Light Cruiser

U.E.D.F. Hunter - EDF-24
U.E.D.F. Hunter as launched on August 20, 2124.

U.E.D.F. Hunter following an attack by insurgents on May 12, 2138
U.E.D.F. Hunter following an attack by insurgents on May 12, 2138.

Bridge plan of the U.E.D.F. Hunter
Bridge plan of the U.E.D.F. Hunter.

The Warp 5 Project, established early in the 22nd century, helped lay the groundwork for the modern understanding of warp dynamics. A massive undertaking, the Warp 5 Project was intended to create a human-designed warp drive capable of reaching speeds of Warp 5 or better. In order to accomplish this seemingly simple goal, human scientists and engineers needed to deepen their understanding of subspace physics and the practical application of that knowledge. The project researched everything from materials to hull configuration to potential energy sources in an attempt to find the balance of design and construction that would fulfill their goals.

Without Vulcan technical assistence the process was extremely difficult; determining the best hull/engine configuration was a major sticking point, even after the launch of the first Warp 5-capable vessel, the NX-class Enterprise. With the standard dual-nacelle design utilized since Zefram Cochrane's first test flight, an elliptical hull with the two warp engines situated aft created the most efficient warp field - but only if using an extremely high-energy power source, such as a matter/antimatter reaction. However, the vast majority of ships at that time used fusion reactors and spherical or cylindrical hulls, neither of which are particularly warp-dynamic with a dual-nacelle design. As a result, the vessels of the UEDF (and, later on, Starfleet) were easily recognized by their streamlined flat profiles.

The Prowler-class ships were the first human ships with suacer-shaped hulls, and set the standard for starship design for decades to come. With a crew of thirty-five and facilities for fifty troopers these ships were easily the match of any pirate or insurgent vessel that might be encountered. Two shuttlepods and two troop transports allowed rapid deployment if a hostile vessel was disabled, or if a hostage situation was encountered. The last Prowler-class ship served until 2153; two were refitted and served during the Romulan War.

The UEDF Hunter (EDF-24), which was severely damaged by an insurgent attack in 2138, is curently on display at the Starfleet Museum's Orbital Annex.

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