U.E.D.F. Hermes EDF-18
Apollo-class Frigate

Picture of the Hermes

The Great Reconstruction - a period of thirty years following the end of the Third World War - culminated in 2086 with the establishment of Liberty Station, the first permanent United Earth Government facility to be placed in Earth orbit. Located at the stable L-5 lagrange point, this facility became the stepping stone for colonizing the solar system, and ultimately other nearby worlds such as Centauri B II and Draylax. As time passed and colonial populations grew at a tremendous rate, the UEG came to realize that a spacefaring military force was a necessity; between 2086 and 2105 incidents of piracy in the Sol system alone had tripled. Thus, the United Earth Defense Force - UEDF - was formed.

The first UEDF vessels were modified cargo haulers or colonial transports - large and slow. While there was ample space for troops, weapons and sensors, the lack of maneuverability and large sensor profiles were a definite disadvantage when pitted against the small, nimble pirate raiders (which were usually modified private transports or scouts). By 2118, though, the UEDF had begun building its first original design - the Apollo-class frigate.

Slim and sleek, these arrow-shaped vessels were the most advanced human ships of their day. Capable of Warp 2.2, the four Apollo-class ships were instrumental in virtually eliminating piracy in the Sol system by 2130. Armed with nuclear-tipped anti-ship missiles and twin particle-beam cannons, these ships could easily track and destroy or cripple pirate vessels at far longer ranges than most pirates' weapons and sensors were capable of reaching. The last Apollo-class ship was decommissioned in 2151; none are known to remain intact.

The UEDF Hermes (EDF-18) was the fourth and final vessel constructed int he Apollo-class. Launched in 2120, the Hermes disabled or destroyed over thirty pirate vessels. The Hermes was decommissioned in 2143.

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