U.S.S. Gethsemane
Picture of the Gethsemane

Following the Borg incursion into Federation space and the Battle of Wolf 359, starship engineers all across the Federation began working on designs theoretically capable of surviving a direct assault by the Borg - or directly assaulting a Borg vessel. One such design was the Defiant-class 'escort', which is probably the most widely known of these efforts. The Messiah-class was a somewhat more ambitious effort; while the specifics remain classified, this class is rumored to be able to conceal itself in a deep subspace domain, pop into normal space at will, and then outmaneuver any vessel known to Starfleet, including the Defiant-class ships.

Originally christened the U.S.S. Messiah, the U.S.S. Gethsemane (NX-85015) was scheduled to be the lead ship in a limited order of this class; unfortunately, the vessel spent over an additional year in drydock due to a mishap with the experimental IRCS package that resulted in seventeen deaths. The second ship was christened the Messiah, and the Gethsemane underwent extensive redesign and construction work. Recently both ships were involved in a classified incident which resulted in the loss of the Messiah and further damage to the Gethsemane, which is currently undergoing reconstruction at Utopia Planitia.

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