U.S.S. Galatea
Picture of the Galatea

The Irabazi-class cruisers are yet another offshoot of the Excelsior-class ships, much like the Hastings, Odessa, and Sumpter-classes. Unlike those classes, however, the six vessels of the Irabazi-class have seen very limited action because of extensive hardware incompatibilities. The vessels only had a twenty-month average operational life before Starfleet ordered them decommissioned and placed in the Inkestra VI Storage Facility. Since that time, five of the ships have been sold to private interests while the sixth is in limited Starfleet service.

The U.S.S. Galatea (NCC-7206) is currently assigned to Starbase 375 as a short-haul cargo vessel / medical transport: bring in cargo to needy ships and facilities, take away those heavily injured in the ongoing Dominion War. Biraktes engineers and shipwrights worked for many years to correct the problems inherent in the design, and her recommissioning in Starfleet is a proud achievement. If there are no further problems, the Galatea may be placed into general service after the present conflict.

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