U.S.S. Faulkner NCC-1445
Brogan-class Light Cruiser

Picture of the Faulkner

The Brogan-class ships were not the most elegant Starfleet offerings, nor were they the most powerful. They were not equipped with the most advanced sensor suites, nor were they able to transport hundreds of colonists to their destination. What they accomplished was far more important: for twenty years, the Brogan-class ships presented the Federation presence to prospective member worlds. Whenever official dealings were to be made, Starfleet dispatched a Brogan-class ship; their elegant lines (both outside and within) and smooth operation made visiting diplomats feel that the Federation was a stable, well-ordered body that was advantageous to join. The six vessels in this class were responsible for forty-one worlds becoming members of the Federation during their twenty-six years of operation.

The U.S.S. Faulkner (NCC-1445) travelled to more than eighty worlds over her twenty-four years with Starfleet. She was on a classified mission in 2247 when she vanished with all hands.

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