U.S.S. Erastis
Picture of the Erastis

Taking inspiration from the past, Biraktes engineers examined the configuration of the Barazi-class cruisers and determined that it could serve as a viable base for a new design. The result was the Rowan-class cruiser, with the feature of having the engineering hull mounted atop the primary saucer. With a very stable framework and excellent systems integration, Starfleet was sufficiently impressed to procure an immediate order of fifteen vessels, and later added twelve more to that order. Since their introduction, the Rowan-class ships have proven their worth many times and eleven remain in active service with Starfleet.

One of these ships is the U.S.S. Erastis (NCC-15917), currently assigned to Starbase 324 as a medical transport. The Erastis was recently involved in an attack by Dominion forces attempting to establish a foothold behind Federation lines. Though suffering severe damage in the incident, the Erastis managed to fend off her attackers until assistance arrived while keeping new casualties to a minimum. The ship is currently undergoing repairs at Starbase 324.

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