U.S.S. Duchesne
Picture of the Duchesne

Designed in conjunction with the Galaxy and Nebula-class ships, the Parillaud-class utilizes the same basic engine setup and primary hull; however, these ships forego a separate engineering hull and deflector dish, instead relying on heavily integrated systems throughout the spaceframe. With navigational deflection handled by three separate emitters, these ships have very little chance of being damaged by spaceborne debris.

Of the twelve ships constructed so far, the U.S.S. Duchesne (NCC-75721) is the most recognizable. During the battle for the Chintaka system the Duchesne was heavily damaged by fire from an orbital weapons platform. The ship was adrift and in a decaying orbit when the chief engineer used the three deflector arrays to push off of the huge debris field in order to reach a stable orbit and effect repairs. Most temporary repairs were made with components salvaged from the debris, and the Duchesne participated in several more confrontations before a layover at Starbase 375 for repairs. But instead of having completely new components and hull plating installed, the captain and crew of the Duchesne opted to keep the scavenged components in place until the end of the Dominion War to honor those who lost their lives.

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