U.S.S. Dubet
Picture of the Dubet

Following the contracts for the Sturridge and Hallows-class cruisers, Biraktes engineers further improved the design, strengthening the hull by using large prefabricated segments and adding photon torpedo launchers, finally ending up with the Semenou-class frigate. Capable of taking a beating, the ten ships in this class became workhorses along the Romulan Neutral Zone and Orion Syndicate during the first half of the twenty-fourth century. Despite being involved in many conflicts, no ship of the Semenou-class was destroyed during service with Starfleet.

The U.S.S. Dubet was the eighth ship to be launched and her service life was long and eventful right from the start. Commissioned in 2304, the Dubet was involved with the Tomed Incident, the negotiation for Federation hostages on Mordan IV, and the assistance to the Klingon outpost at Khitomer after a Romulan attack. This colorful history ultimately resulted in the ship's decommissioning in 2348 because of extensive microfracture problems throughout the hull, and the Dubet is currently stored at the Inkestra VI facility.

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