Deadman's Switch, Part Three: It's Who You Know...

Deadman's Switch has a number of interesting personalities living both within and outside the Wall; some of them are profiled here. Use them as NPCs in your adventures, contacts for the group, or just to add a little color to your Systems Failure game. Enjoy!

Billy Gaines is the owner and operator of the Roach motel, the most infamous watering hole in the Switch. With a beefy three hundred pounds backing up his brusk attitude, Gaines can be your best friend... or your worst enemy. He has fingers in every pie, knows where all the bodies are buried, and is far more intelligent than he looks.

That's what makes him dangerous.

Alignment: Miscreant
Vital Stats: IQ - 15, MA - 14, PS - 16
Hit Points: 47
SDC: 56
Combat: 4 attacks, +2 strike, +3 dodge, +4 parry, carries a sawed-off 12-gauge (5D6, 2 shots)
Height: 5 feet, 8 inches
Weight: 305 pounds
Quote: "Sure I can get it for you... but I need a little favor."
Meatball Hawkins is the second-in-command of the Blackshirts, and is a foul-tempered glory hound with one glaring obstacle to achieving success: he's a coward, through and through. He is often seen with the Dog Pack, five hulking Blackshirts under Meatball's personal command who do almost all of his fighting. He is tolerated only because of his friendship with Blackshirt leader Byron Hailey. Alignment: Miscreant
Vital Stats: IQ - 10, PS - 17
Hit Points: 51
SDC: 48
Combat: 5 attacks, +4 strike, +5 parry / dodge, +1 initiative, carries an M-16 carbine (5D6, 30-round clips) and a 9mm Beretta (3D6, 15-round clips)
Height: 5 feet, 10 inches
Weight: 156 pounds
Quote: "Fair fight? Okay... take 'im, boys!" *multiple gunshots*
Tail-End Willie arrived at the Switch in the summer of 2006 wearing nothing but a chopper pilot's helmet and a pair of cowboy boots. Since then he's become the town drunk and looney, hovering around the Marketplace and panhandling for a few pennies or a swig of booze. He'll tell anyone who will listen about a strange light that knocked him from the sky... but nobody wants to listen to a psycho, do they? Alignment: Anarchist
Vital Stats: IQ - 12, ME - 4
Hit Points: 38
SDC: 45
Combat: 3 attacks, +2 parry, +1 dodge, carries a Marine-issue KA-BAR (1D6 damage)
Height: 5 feet, 11 inches
Weight: 120 pounds
Quote: "It's real, I tell ya! The light got me good, coulda killed me... Hey, where ya goin'?"

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