Deadman's Switch, Part Six: Be All You Can Be

New Additions - 5-1-02

Roadhog O.C.C. - post-Meltdown road warriors.
Chimera R.C.C. - Something less than human? Or something more?
NORAD Generation II Splicer - an advanced version of the genetically engineered Bug fighter. Created by Danny Strong.
NORAD Generation III Splicer - the pinnacle of Splicer technology, able to pass as completely human but still with tremendous combat advantages. Created by Danny Strong.
NORAD Failed Splicer - survivors of the Splicer process, with some of the intended advantages. Created by Danny Strong.

New Additions - 2-7-02

Tourist O.C.C. - wandering loners unable to find a home.
Altar Boy O.C.C. - holy men on a crusade to help the world.
Guinea Pig O.C.C. - failed NORAD experiments on the run.
NORAD Hardliner O.C.C - NORAD soldiers capable of travelling hardlines with their minds.
NORAD Speedloader - soldiers enhanced to resist the bad effects of poisons and drugs.

New Additions - 2-20-00

Deadeye O.C.C. - masters of firearms.
Flathead O.C.C. - early NORAD supersoldiers, tough but dumb as rocks.
Brawler O.C.C. - tough, overstimulated fighters.
Scarecrow O.C.C. - NORAD soldiers assembled from dead soldiers.
NPC ONLY!!Killjoy O.C.C. - wired mass murderers who kill simply for the thrill of it.
Banger O.C.C. - orphaned children who have become tough as nails.
Killbilly O.C.C. - Bug-killing rednecks sent over the edge.
NORAD Grunt O.C.C. - the average NORAD soldier.
NORAD Commando O.C.C. - Bug-killing badasses, well-trained.
NORAD Cleaner O.C.C. - trained for assassination and finesse.
NORAD Terminator O.C.C. - the best of the best; true Bug-killing machines.
Maverick O.C.C. - wandering loners; don't mess with them and they won't mess with you.
Gatecrasher O.C.C. - post-Meltdown hackers who crash Bug-held systems.
Cipher O.C.C. - they're nobody at all... and have good reason to keep it that way.
Houdini O.C.C. - can seemingly escape from anywhere... and usually does.

River Rat O.C.C. - waterborne traders, but sometimes pirates.
Highwayman O.C.C. - mobile bandits.
Barnstormer O.C.C. - airborne travellers and adventurers.
Artisan O.C.C. - craftsperson, able to build new items.
Tinker O.C.C. - rather goofy inventors, but good at the job.
Dreamer O.C.C. - travelling storytellers and minstrels.
Charlatan O.C.C. - laziest people you'll ever meet, but vital enough not to get rid of.
Dropout O.C.C. - travellers who have seen far too much and can't deal with it.

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