Deadman's Switch, Part Four: ... And What You Can Get

Weapons -

New NORAD Heavy Weapons

OSA-5 Machine Pistol : A compact, powerful machine pistol favored by many Exterminators. Can accept many add-ons, such as scopes, laser sights and silencers or flash suppressors. available with fixed or telescoping stock.

OSA-5 Machine Pistol with telescoping stock
OSA-5 Machine Pistol with fixed stock
OSA-5 with extended barrel and laser sight

OSA-10 5.56 mm Combat Rifle: A light weapon never officially introduced, the OSA-10 is a light, well-balanced rifle capable of inflicting good damage. Often equipped with a basic telescopic sight (+1 to strike on aimed shots).

OSA-10 with carrying handle attached

OSA-15 5.56 mm Carbine: A shorter weapon, able to be fired more accurately one-handed. Often equipped with a basic telescopic sight (+1 to strike on aimed shots).

OSA-15 with telescopic sight attached

OSA-20 5.56 mm Combat Rifle: A larger, heavier weapon capable of long periods of sustained fire, great for those extended engagements. Often equipped with a basic telescopic sight (+1 to strike on aimed shots).

OSA-20 with telescopic sight

OSA-25 Heavy Sniper Rifle : A heavy, long-range weapon capable of penetrating armored vehicles and Lightning Bugs with equal efficiency, the OSA-25 has acquired the unofficial moniker 'The Widowmaker' among NORAD Special Forces units. Has a telescopic sight standard (+1 to strike on an aimed shot).

OSA-25 with telescopic sight

OSA-30 Combat Shotgun : In every war, there are certain weapons that work more effectively than others - and in the war with the Bugs, the shotgun has often proven to be that weapon. The OSA-30 is capable of filling the air - and anything unlucky enough to be in the area - with pounds fo lead in a matter of seconds. Both versions are available with telescopic or laser sights (or even both; +1 to strike on aimed shots for each).

OSA-30, standard version
OSA-30, compact version

Ammunition - currently, all listed ammunition is for 12-gauge shotguns only.

Rocket-Assisted Projectiles (RAP) - Shotgun shells with a 250 foot range, damage increases as rocket accelerates. Cost: $60 to $100 per twenty, very rare.

EMP Slugs - A NORAD experimental weapon load, extremely rare! Disables electronics and Bug nervous systems. On electronics, roll 1D6: on 1-3, the system is screwed up for 2D4 minutes, on 4 or 5 the system needs 1D4 hours repair time with suitable parts, and on 6 the system is permanently fried. On Bugs: does 3D6 damage, but even if armor is not penetrated the EMP severely screws up the Bug - all combat bonuses are halved, psionics cannot be used and the Bug can't switch to energy form for 1D4 melees. Cost: $40 to $75 per shot!

High-Energy Plasma Slugs: A NORAD experimental weapon load, extremely rare! 200 foot range; within 100 feet, does 6D6 impact damage plus 1D4x10+8 when the slug violently transforms into white-hot plasma. Beyond 100 feet, the round goes plasma (no impact damage). Cost: $20 to $40 per shot!

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