U.S.S. De Soto
U.S.S. De Soto
Picture of the De Soto

Derived from the Excelsior II-class Heavy Cruiser, the Hastings-class Frigates have been a part of Starfleet for over seventy years. Rugged, easy to maintain and adaptable to any mission profile, the Hastings-class ships have always been popular with their crews because the ships in this class have always been known to bring their crews home alive. Out of the almost two-hundred ships in this class, most have been decommissioned or destroyed; twelve remain in service as fleet support vessels, far behind the lines of battle.

Probably the most famous ship in this class is the U.S.S. De Soto (NCC-17034). This ship, among the first in its class to emerge from the Biraktes yards, has been involved in every major conflict in the Federation since her launch and has never sustained major damage in any engagement. The De Soto is still in service today, though not at the front lines of the war with the Dominion, and her crew regards her as something close to immortal.

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