Deadman's Switch - A Supplement for the Systems Failure RPG

So there was me and Coop, stringing up more barbed wire on top of the Wall, when all of a sudden, like, these damn flying things come outta nowhere and damn near take his head off. I'd seen 'em before; Killer Bees is what most folks call 'em, but I say they're demons straight outta Hell itself. He ducks as the pair of 'em fly maybe six inches above our skulls, and we both grab for our rifles, but we ain't got a chance of bringing these bad boys down with pop guns. So he jumps off the Wall and into the minefield, manages to keep from blowin' himself to kingdom come, and pulls two armed land mines out of the dirt. Then as I'm takin' potsots at 'em, he manages to throw both mines, one at each of the Bugs. Blows 'em both to Hell. They say Coop's a wacko, but he's great at killin' Bugs and that's good enough for me.

From a conversation with Billy Gaines
Deadman's Switch, 2009 A.D.

Deadman's Switch is a supplement for the Systems Failure RPG, published by Palladium Books. Included on this site are details on the town / trading post known as the Switch, maps and plans of the region and facilities, the major people involved, new O.C.C.s and types of Bugs, and new Bug-killing equipment.

Update - April 22, 2002: Added five new OCCs to Part Six, and Flawed Organitech Weapons to the Toy Box.

Update - February 6, 2002: Added five OCCs to Part Six.

Update - January 23, 2002: Added something to the Toy Box that might give your game that extra little... kick. Have fun!

Update - December 31, 2001: Added a few NPCs to Part Three (finally!) and added several new weapons to Part Four. Enjoy!

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